Most of the veterinarians in the performance of his office have learned much about dogs. That is why they emphasize so often, among its many virtues, their keen senses and their social behavior.

Some stories published in the press show what a faithful friend a dog can be, especially in extreme situations. One of these fascinating stories it tells a diabetic lady of 61 years who owes his life to Fibi, a mongrel dog that caught the attention of their neighbors when its owner was lying on the ground unable to get up.

What makes dogs so extraordinary?
What makes dogs so extraordinary? (Reference image).

The second hero was a dog that saved a woman’s life, which however did not know, and it happened when a man walking his dog was surprised that the animal suddenly changed his direction, and this because through his sixth sense had smelled an injured woman. No doubt that his life could have been jeopardized by not giving the dog alarm.

But these examples are not isolated cases, on the contrary, there are many that show how dedicated and helpful can dogs be, and how they help people in need. For example in the Philippines a pitbull helped two women who were attacked by a cobra.

The animal stood between them and was bitten by the snake, which led to his death.

In Kazakhstan a drunken man lay down on the tracks, but its dog get him out but unfortunately was hit by a train and died.

And in Hannover a young Labrador saved a boy from ice, the boy had fallen into a frozen canal, and the dog despite his youth, pulled him from the sleeve and get him out from the ice water.

Any help that would come later would been useless.

What makes dogs so extraordinary?
What makes dogs so extraordinary? (Reference image).

There are thousands of examples of humans rescued by dogs: in avalanches, fires, earthquakes and catastrophes of all kinds, countless of fascinating stories but impossible to collect.
Which goes to show that this animal has a finest perception of his environments that we as human beings, and that in certain circumstances are even willing to risk their life.

This isn’t something that you give much thought, perhaps because as we are involved in our severe selfishness, we believe that dogs, like all other living things, exist only to serve to us, the people. But if a human being had such behavior is said of him that is a brave, noble, generous, altruistic, ie characteristics that science denies to animals, as it is believed that in nature does not exist altruism, ie acting without seeking personal gain, reserving the high values only to the human being.

What makes dogs so extraordinary?
What makes dogs so extraordinary? (Reference image).

Could we then say that humans can rely on dogs? The answer is yes. And not only in extreme situations of distress, but also in daily life.

In fact anyone who had a dog as a friend knows how close and trusting they are, and how their loyalty is beyond doubt, and this both in our joys and in our sorrows, behaviors and qualities that unfortunately can hardly apply to the humans.