In 2014 the selfie stick began to appear everywhere and many people get used to take them to all places to get the best selfies without stretching the arm to superhuman levels.

Selfie sticks caused controversy and gradually have been banned in many places around the world; from museums to football stadiums, through archaeological monuments, the also called Monopod were declared unwelcome.

If you were thinking on take your selfie stick on your holiday, we recommend you to think about it well, because thanks to new regulations, it might spend more time locked in suitcase that in being used.

Is the End of the Selfie Stick? Important Places start to forbid it
Is the End of the Selfie Stick? Important Places start to forbid it (Reference image).

Selfie Stick: Unwelcome Guest

One of the last places to ban the entry of selfie stick were the Disney parks in the United States, as well as in Paris and Tokyo, since they are considered dangerous.

While long ago it was not allowed to enter with them in certain games, now the access ban was extended to all facilities and Disney visitors are invited to leave them under custody at the entrance and withdraw them back at leave the park.

The determination to declare “non grata” to the sticks selfie in Disney, came after a visitor tried to use it on the roller coaster, which caused the that the backlash were detained in full swing and are maintained that way for hours, that until it was deemed safe to continue.

But not only the happiest place in the world banned the selfie sticks, it joined to other sites where the use can avail yourself the expulsion.

Is the End of the Selfie Stick? Important Places start to forbid it
Is the End of the Selfie Stick? Important Places start to forbid it (Reference image).

Where the Selfie Sticks are prohibited

Disney is not the only place where selfie sticks are not welcome, the monopod entry to a lot of places is forbidden.

In recent months, the selfie sticks are forbidden at music festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella, national parks in the United States, Wimbledon, football stadiums in England and Brazil, the Palace of Versailles, Colosseum, amusement parks in different parts of the world and the vast majority of museums.

The most interesting case would be South Korea, a country that decided to regulate the selfie sticks, allowing the use and sale of only certain models which meet strict regulations.

Selfie sticks are not considered accessories, but a telecommunications device because they use Bluetooth. The manufacture and sale of these gadgets without official approval, can mean anything from a fine to jail.

Instead of carrying an annoying (and forbidden) selfie stick with you, just ask someone else to take you a photo or fail to enjoy the landscape and what happens around you, after all you don’t need thousand selfies to demonstrate how well you spent on your vacation.